XJR Extra Interchangeable Lower Pulley Ring

XJR Extra Interchangeable Lower Pulley Ring. Eurotoys Ltd. outer Blower drive pulley ring. Have an extra Outer pulley ring for your Eurotoys Lower Crank Supercharger Pulley. If you change your application ( such as the addition of Nitrous, fuel octane, etc) on your Jaguar XJR 4.0L or XKR 4.0L, you can change just your outer Blower Drive Ring to a different size with out changing the entire Eurotoys Lower Supercharger Pulley.

*Please E-mail or call to discuss your application for the correct size needed.

*This product includes: Instructions, Interchangeable Ring and the appropriate belt if required.

*This ring will not fit the OEM pulley, Ring only fits the Eurotoys modified Lower pulley!

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