Range Rover Sport 4.2L ECU Tuning (No Handheld)

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Range Rover Sport 4.2L ECU Tuning (No Handheld). This Performance Tuning for your Range Rover Sport Supercharged 4.2L will add a substantial increase in power. Add this performance ECU tuning to our Upper Supercharger pulley or Big Power Pulley kit and have the power that you have deserve! This Range Rover Sport S/C ECU Performance Tuning is achieved by remapping the standard software in your Range Rover’s Electronic
Control Unit (ECU) to suit your driving style and the availability of higher octane fuels. The result is
better throttle response, improved gas mileage (in most cases), and increased power and torque, resulting
in quicker acceleration and enhanced driving excitement!

Our Performance ECU Software offers the driver an opportunity to extract the true potential from their Range Rover with or without extensive modification (whether factory, stock, or further modified). Our Performance Software is easily implemented and is backed by a Limited 1 year performance warranty- making it
the easiest and safest way of modifying your modern vehicle. ECU Tuning has a “Turn Around” time of approximately 48 hours depending on the day received!

**Power Gains with just ECU Tuning on a Stock RRS S/C 4.2L:

-91 Octane = 19HP 20TQ, 93 Octane = 22HP 23TQ

**Mid 2006 and newer cars have to be flashed through the OBD-II port. Please contact us for more information.

**If you are located outside the Chicago area, we can send you a laptop and walk you through programming your car through the OBD-II port. A security deposit will be needed for computer. Please contact us.

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