Mercedes CLK63 Black Series Frozen Rotors/Girodisc (R)

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Mercedes CLK63 Black Series Frozen Rotors/Girodisc (R). The name says it all. Frozen Rotors freezes these Girodisc brake rotors…rock solid. Rotors are frozen at 300 degrees below zero using a deep cryogenic process that permanently changes the atomic structure of the rotor.

This proprietary, 60-hour cryogenic process permanently and dramatically improves the usage life and stability of brake rotors to create a distinct advantage in tensile strength, abrasive wear-resistance and rotor longevity. As a result, frozen rotors deliver increased performance and a higher level of safety while significantly reducing braking system costs.

Increased Performance Frozen Rotors offer increased resistance to cracking, warping and fading. The cryogenic treatment inhibits internal oxidation and increases thermal fatigue resistance. Frozen Rotors can last up to three times as long as untreated rotors. Increased Safety Frozen Rotors provide more predictable, consistent braking ? even under extreme circumstances. They are an ideal choice for high usage and high performance vehicles that demand reliability and safety.

These Rear brake rotors are lighter than the factory rear AMG rotors. That is a reduction in un-sprung weight.

For CLK63 Black Series models with the 330mm Rear Disc.

**Rear Rotors Sold as a Pair.

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