Jaguar XKR Upper Supercharger Pulley Upgrade (1.5LB)

Jaguar XKR Upper Supercharger Pulley Upgrade (1.5LB). 2000-2009 Jaguar XKR 4.0L/4.2L V-8 Upper Supercharger Pulley upgrade (1.5LB).

Eurotoys Ltd. was the 1st to offer/manufacture these Blower pulleys for the 4.0L/4.2L Jaguar.

This smaller supercharger pulley will give you a modest power improvement of 20-25HP. The Pulley should be added along with supercharger porting and ECU Tuning. Factory boost is at 13.1 PSI*, this will raise the boost to approximately 14.5-15 PSI*. Your car will still retain the factory belt and “NO Modifications” to the blower are required for installation.

Fits all Jaguar XJR, XKR, S-Type R with the 4.0L & 4.2L.

*Boost levels are subject to ambient air temperature, weather conditions and elevation.

*No ECU Tuning is required for this Supercharger upgrade!

**This Supercharger Pulley Requires a Special Removal/Installer Tool, which is available on our Rental program**

The Rental program for this Special tool will cost $180.00. When the tool is returned undamaged, you will be refunded $120.00. So in the end, this tool rental will cost you $60.00 + Shipping (This tool can also be Purchased/Viewed in our Accessories section).

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