Jaguar XKR, ECU Tuning Upgrade 4.2L S/C 03-05

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Eurotoys Ltd. is proud to offer Performance ECU Tuning for your late model Jaguar XKR. This ECU Tuning is NOT required for any of our Eurotoys performance products, but will further optimize your power.

This is achieved by Re-calibrating the ECU Tuning, which optimizes the Air/Fuel ratio, Ignition Timing and Throttle by Wire response.

This Upgrade is undetectable by the Dealer, the seal on the unit is never broken. This software upgrade has a Limited Warranty period of 48 months (Failures due to electronic glithes, spikes, improper R&R, misuse or Acts of God are not covered).

The Jaguar XKR ECU/PCM must be ‘flash’ programmed in the same way as the dealership (don’t worry – we do this for you when we recieve your ECU), similarly to when servicing the vehicle. The ECU itself is very easy to remove, and should be sent overnight to be modified and then returned overnight to you (we use FedEx Priority Overnight Service). Detailed instructions (including photos) are also provided to ensure the ECU can be removed easily from the vehicle. Once complete, and re-installed into the vehicle, you are back on the road to enjoy your enhanced performance ? as soon as possible.

*Please advise on Fuel Octane Rating, unit is programmed accordingly.

*ECU Tuning-Jaguar XKR 4.2L S/C 425 bhp and 479 lb-ft with only Sport Exhaust fitted at time of testing.

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