Jaguar XJR ECU Tuning (No Handheld) 07-09 4.2L

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Jaguar XJR ECU Tuning (No Handheld) 07-09 4.2L. Eurotoys Ltd. is proud to offer Performance ECU Tuning Upgrade for your late model Jaguar XJR 4.2L. This ECU Tuning is NOT required for any of our Eurotoys performance products, but will further optimize your power.

This is achieved by Re-calibrating the ECU Tuning, which optimizes the Air/Fuel ratio, Ignition Timing and Throttle by Wire response.

The Jaguar XJR ECU/PCM must be ‘flash’ programmed in the same way as the dealership through the OBD-II port.

*Please advise on Fuel Octane Rating, unit is programmed accordingly.

**Mid 2007 and newer cars have to be flashed through the OBD-II port. Please contact us for more information.

**If you are located outside the Chicago area, we can send you a laptop and walk you through programming your car through the OBD-II port. A security deposit will be needed for computer. Please contact us.

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