Jaguar Timing Tensioner Tool Rental 4.0/4.2

Jaguar Timing Tensioner Tool Rental 4.0/4.2. Need to replace your Timing chain Tensioners, Primary or Secondary? You will need these Jaguar Special Service Tools to Lock the Camshafts & Time the engine to prevent engine damage.

These Jaguar Special Service Tools are available as a Rental program through Eurotoys Ltd. These Tools must be returned undamaged and in a timely manner (10-30 days). Once returned and checked you will be refunded $225.00, so in the end, this Tool Rental cost will you $75.00 + shipping. If you need these tools longer, just call us. If you have any questions please contact us.

*If Tools are not returned promptly, or if you would like to keep them, you will be charged the $300.00 + shipping. If 1 tool is damaged you will be charged for that tool only. No VVT tools are included in the rental.

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