Jaguar S-Type R Upper Supercharger Pulley Upgrade 4.2L (1.5LB)

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Jaguar S-Type R Upper Supercharger Pulley Upgrade 4.2L (1.5LB). 2003-Present Jaguar S-Type R 4.2L V-8 Upper Supercharger Pulley Upgrade (1.5LB).

Eurotoys Ltd. was the 1st to offer/manufacture these Blower pulleys for the S-Type R 4.2L Jaguar.

This smaller supercharger pulley will give you a modest power improvement of 20-25HP. Factory boost is at 13.1 PSI*, this will raise the boost to approximately 14.5-15 PSI*. Your car will still retain the factory belt and “NO Modifications” to the blower are required.

Fits all Jaguar XJR, XKR, S-Type R with the 4.2L.

*Boost levels are subject to ambient air temperature, weather conditions and elevation.

**No ECU Tuning is required for this Supercharger Upgrade!

**The Rental program for this Special tool will cost $180.00. When the tool is returned undamaged, you will be refunded $120.00. So in the end, this tool rental will cost you $60.00 + Shipping (This tool can also be Purchased/Viewed in our Accessories section).


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4 reviews for Jaguar S-Type R Upper Supercharger Pulley Upgrade 4.2L (1.5LB)

  1. Roy Bolden

    I installed this on my ’03 STR and I noticed an increase in power. I am kinda use to it now and i love the extra boost but I am looking to go with the 2.5-3lb. upgrade for added power. Great easy way to add power.

  2. Roy Bolden

    I finally found time to add the 1.5 supercharger pulley and YES! u can def feel the power!! More whine and the top end is alot better..flat spots are reduced…it feels like the car is waiting to “pounce”. I had a charger SRT8 trying to get away but he couldnt!! Nice feeling! Great purchase! I have my pulley along with a CAI. Car runs alot stronger than stock now!

  3. Toni Dimitriovski

    I recently just installed this pulley on my STR and you can definitely tell a difference. I raced my friend not too long ago and was dead even with him. Now I just raced him and I beat him by 2+ cars and if I kept going the length would have got longer. It’s worth it!!

    I ran 13.3 at 105 mph with just a custom cold air intake.

    I will post times with the new pulley as soon as the track opens.

  4. Marvin Javellana

    Truly the BEST BANG for your buck ! Eurotoys Ltd. did a speedy professional install on my S-Type R, so if you are in the Chicagoland area, let them do it. The performance gained by the pulley swap could really be felt in the seat of my pants. Low-end and Mid-range torque was dramatically improved. The car felt lighter, the upshifts and downshifts were a lot crisper. Eurotoys lent me a G-Tech to do some 0-60 runs and my best out of four tries is 4.8 seconds, that’s half a second faster than stock. If you want instant gratification, this is it!

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