Eurotoys Power Package Jaguar Stage-1 5.0L (Handheld)

Eurotoys Power Package Jaguar Stage-1 5.0L (Handheld). Add some serious power to your 2010+ Supercharged Jaguar 5.0L engine. This package can give you over 600+hp at the flywheel, improved throttle response and typically better fuel mileage on the highway. Jaguar F-Type, F-Type S, F-Type R, SVR, XJR, F-Pace SVR, XJ, XKR, XK-RS, XF, XF-SC, XFR, XE, Project 8, etc.

Package includes;

-Handheld device (see ECU Tuning category for more info).

-Eurotoys upper supercharger pulley (smaller)

-Clearance gauge (to verify housing clearance before installation)

*Please note year/model on order notes.

2010-2017 Jaguar = Vswitch, 2018+ = See No Handheld

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