CLK63 “Black Series” Rear Suspension Bushing Kit

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CLK63 “Black Series” Rear Suspension Bushing Kit. This rear suspension bushing kit for the 2008 Mercedes CLK63 Black Series (will not fit standard 209) will help eliminate the rear-end wander when under full throttle and give you the adjustability you need for optimum handling.

Kit eliminates the soft rubber OEM bushings and accurately locates rear suspension against unwanted flex to get power / traction to the ground and improve steering response times. Unlike unforgiving short life delrin bushes that soon pound out, K-MAC 50 years in bush design technology means tauter response and extended bush life through maximum diameter outer alloy casings with bonded elastomer bushings to contain side loads and large bearing nickel chromed steel inner bushings.

-Kit includes;

-12 Rear Bushes for control arms.

-Bush extraction / insertion tools.

-This product will ship directly to you from Austrailia, so you may receive a duty charge/fee later on from Customs.

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