CLK63 “Black Series” Rear Camber/Toe Adjustable Bushing Kit

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CLK63 “Black Series” Rear Camber/Toe Adjustable Bushing Kit. These bushings for the rear of the 2008 Mercedes CLK63 Black Series (will not fit standard 209) will help eliminate the rear-end wander when under full throttle. These are much stiffer than the OE bushings but not as harsh as the Delrin bushings on the market. These are a must for the street, or the track.

We have seen an adjustment range of up to -2.8 degrees Camber with these bushings.

K-MAC unique patented design allows precise, single wrench adjustment accurately under load. Also includes Toe adjustment – doubling the existing adjustment range to compensate for new Camber addition. Much easier to adjust than replacing shims!

-Kit includes;

-2 Adjustable Rear Camber Bushings

-2 Adjustable Rear Toe Bushings

-Bush extraction / insertion tools

-This product will ship directly to you from Austrailia, so you may receive a duty charge/fee later on from Customs.

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