Jaguar XJR Intercooler Radiator & Pump Kit Combo

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Jaguar XJR Intercooler Radiator & Pump Kit Combo – Jaguar Performance Parts. If you have our Eurotoys Supercharger Pulley & Supercharger Porting packages for your Jaguar XJR, then you know that your factory intercooling is already at its max. This new Eurotoys Intercooler radiator and High-Flow Pump kit is what you need to keep the supercharger’s intake temperature down and the power up.

100% Aluminum Construction / No Epoxy. Direct Bolt-In installation. Larger capacity than stock provides better cooling. Less blower heat-soak under extended high-boost conditions means more power due to cooler intake charge; great for over-drive pulley equipped cars. Comes with detailed instructions, oil cooler brackets for XKR and modified vent lines for XJR & XKR.

*No Eurotoys ECU Tuning is required for this Intercooler Upgrade!

*These units go fast, so do not wait. Now in Stock!


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1 review for Jaguar XJR Intercooler Radiator & Pump Kit Combo

  1. Rick Nizzi

    Impressive piece of cooling. My first indication of just how effective this installation was came after a period of “normal” driving. I opened the hood, and was able to lay my hand on top of the supercharger inlet cooling chambers without getting burned. Never would dream of doing that before.
    Most noted impact was how little power drop off there was in performance for repeated hard acceleration.

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